MaxSeal FAQ
MaxSeal FAQ

MaxSeal FAQ
MaxSeal FAQ

MaxSeal FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the MaxSeal Pet Doors

Do I need a Single or Dual flap model?

We recommend that you take into consideration the location that the pet door will be installed. If the door will be mounted to allow access to the exterior of the house; we usually recommend a dual flap model. This remains true for people in more temperate climates as well. Most customers want a pet door with the optimal sealing capability, this eliminates the vulnerable feeling that a cheaper pet door gives. Of course, the Single flap model will still seal and function with more efficiency that any other single flap model on the market.

What is the Protective Rain Guard?

The Protective Rain Guard can be added to any MaxSeal Pet Door; both wall mounted and door mounted models. Made of flexible soft vinyl, so there is no danger of slicing open a leg or harm to a child. (Other models use aluminum and can possibly result in serious injury). The Protective Rain Guard will shield your pet door from direct rain and is replaceable and easy to maintain.

Will my pets have any problems using a dual flap model?

The MaxSeal doors are designed to give you the best possible seal and still allow for even the smallest pets to use the largest doors. We have many customers who have large dogs and cats that will use the same pet door. A smaller pet will use the corner of the pet door while a larger pet will push straight through.
Note: The only exception are very small teacup breed dogs. These dogs will often have problems with any pet door. This is not always the case, much depends on the temperament of the dog. (A shy, teacup breed will be the one most likely to have a problem).

See Video below as an example to teach your pets in using the pet door.

What size of pet door should I choose?

The MaxSeal Pet Door is available in 10 standard sizes which will accompany most any pet or combination of pets. There is not a single rule to follow when selecting a pet door size; it is a combination. Most pets will run through pet door very fast as they get used to it. So you will want to select an opening that clears the shoulders of the tallest pet by 1.5 - 2 inches. This will prevent the flaps from being pinched at the top of the pet door as well as eliminate the possibility of the dog hitting the top, causing him physical injury. The bottom of the pet opening should be low enough to the ground so that the pet will not scrap their legs as they go through. If you have multiple pets, then you want it low enough for the smaller pet to use. The overall height an size of the pet door becomes especially important with certain larger breeds that may have a tendency for hip or arthritic problems. Choose a slightly more generous size for these will have the MaxSeal for years.
Also see How to measure your pet.

Below is a sizing tool that can be helpful. You can select from the breed listing and the selector will indicate a recommended size. We usually recommend slightly larger sizes for dogs as we are very conscientious of pet heath. We do not guarantee a certain fitting by using this selector, it is offered as a guide. You know your pet best when choosing a size.

Why the MaxSeal is the "Best Pet Door by Design"

There are several dual flap and insulated flap doors on the market. Most of these are lower quality economy doors that work well for utility purposes. There a a few that due to their higher cost, suggest a higher quality as well. Security Boss sees no virtue in equating a quality product with a high costing product. Quite the opposite is true; superior quality and performance at a fair price is the standard that Security Boss measures their product success. We don't simply profess that the MaxSeal is a better door, we show you why. We also seek to keep pricing as low as possible, but yet maintain the superior components used in production. So far we have been very successful not chasing competitors prices, or trying to be the most expensive. We also are very proud that all Security Boss products are Made in the USA.

PDF Files (Adobe Reader Required)

To view the technical specification details of the MaxSeal Wall Mount Click Here
To view the technical specification details of the MaxSeal Door Mount Click Here

How does the MaxSeal perform better than other insulating doors?

The MaxSeal Dual and Single flap doors utilize a special vinyl flap material. The flaps are made with a low temperature material and weatherized in the production process so that under sub zero temperatures, the flaps will not shrink like other vinyl flap doors. There is a nylon reinforcement cord that is embedded in the vinyl in order to provide added strength and durability to the flexible flap. Our flaps are then UV treated to give you protection in very hot and sunny conditions to prevent yellowing and degradation. The MaxSeal flaps remain flexible in all conditions and are the friendliest for pets to use. Flexible vinyl flaps are a tested, proven medium that bears the best results compared to other newer designed pet doors.

Security Boss also uses a higher grade of weather brush that lines the perimeter of the flap to eliminate any air leakage in both hot and cold environments. The Flaps also have stronger, more expensive magnets than other pet doors that ensure a positive sealing flap. A larger door will have more magnetic connection points that a smaller door. Another unique characteristic of the MaxSeal is the Insulated Security Panel. Not only is it the strongest locking cover, able to withstand most any violent force, but it is an added insulating layer. When locked off, you will wonder if a pet door is installed in your home at all! All these features are housed in the strongest frame used in the pet door industry.

Will the MaxSeal doors keep out bugs, rodents and other animals?

Most nuisance animals are attracted to food sources or temperature differences. Most customers find that the MaxSeal doors seal so well that they never have problems with other animals. A Pet door becomes an invitation when the door itself is not sealing perfectly. In these instances odors from food and cooler or warmer temperatures lure other animals into the house. Electronic doors are recommended usually for customers who have problems with animals who have learned already by pushing through a pet door. The activity of pets also keeps away other animals, especially dog activity. MaxSeal's higher quality flaps along with the denser weather brush and the stronger magnetic contact points seals the pet opening tight, so there is no indication of a pet door.

How do the MaxSeal doors lock?

MaxSeal Insulated Security Panel All MaxSeals come with an impact resistant, 1/2" thick insulated security panel that dead-bolts into place for optimum security. We have tried to destroy the MaxSeal security panel under many conditions; using crow-bars, baseball bats, as well as weight stress testing. These panels hold up as well as the natural wall of your home. It would be less time consuming and less effort to break a window in the home than get through a locked MaxSeal.

Note: Other doors incorrectly advertise panels made with "Bullet proof" material. These incorrectly labeled doors utilize GE Lexan or some other polycarbonate plastic material. Ge Lexan is a component of bullet proof glass, but only when constructed in very thick applications. Bullet proof products run thousands of dollars for a single sheet of material and are not practical for pet doors.

Can the MaxSeal be made with different options?

Yes...plenty. MaxSeals come in standard models but Security Boss makes it easy to modify your pet door to fit your individual situation. Here are the variations we offer:

10 different powder coated color options: If you desire a combination color scheme, exterior to interior, give Moore Pet a call at 800-829-7876.
Security Panel Colors: Choose between black or white security panels to best match your homes interior
Choice of Load direction for Security Panels:
If in a wall under a window sill, you may want the panel to load from the side.
Wall Thickness: Wall mount comes standard with a 10" trim-to-fit tunnel, 16" is also available as an option
Single or Dual Flap Models: Dual flap doors for better sealing openings, and Single flap doors for utility locations
Custom Made: Need a pet door that is built to your size specifications? See our Custom made MaxSeal section. Click Here
French Door Applications: MaxSeals are custom made to fit the glass panels of French doors. Click Here