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Bark Collars

Bark collars for all dog types and temperaments. You can browse our selection of static correction collars or take a look and compare our alternative Bark Collars that use a sonic frequency or spray deterrent such as citrus or citronella. Moore Pet's Risk Free Purchase Program allows you to try out a bark collar and see if it works as you intended with your dog. If not, simply return it for a refund. Click on our ad to see program details.

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Basic Function Bark Collars
Basic Function Bark Collars Basic Function Bark Collars
'Basic Function Bark Collars' are typically units that are more economical an offer fewer features than more advanced bark collars. They are usually recommended for timid to average temperament dogs and will have fewer levels of correction than you might find on a unit used for large or stubborn breeds.

  • Economical Units
  • Fewer Functions
  • Usually not H20 Proof
  • Used for Small & Timid Dog Types
  • Advanced Function Bark Collars
    Advanced Bark Collars Advanced Bark Collars
    Large & stubborn dogs sometimes require a greater range of correction which are common features of the Advanced Function Bark Collars. These units typically allow the pet owner a greater range of corrective stimulus. You will also find that some of the bark collars have multiple methods of correction or audible warning tones that will warn your dog prior to receiving a correction.

  • Greater Range of Functions - Control
  • Usually H20 Proof - Look for h20 Icon
  • Can be used on large, average & stubborn types
  • Spray Bark Collars
    Advanced Bark Collars Advanced Bark Collars

    Spray Bark Collars are an alternative to the static bark correction collars. They typically use a citrus or citronella spray burst to deter barking behavior. This spray is triggered by vibration or noise from your dog's bark. All bar collars are humane, however, some pet owners prefer the Spray Collars for timid, shy or rescue dogs.

  • Used as alternative to static correction
  • Spray into face deters barking
  • Good choice for very timid or rescued dogs