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Our cat door selection is grouped into five categories; models for doors, models for walls, electronic models and units made for use in sliding glass doors and windows. You will notice that several models will be found in one or more categories. We hope this will allow you to choose the best unit for your situation, depending on the location of your installation or function in the door desired. Please feel free to call us with any questions or is you would like assistance.
Cat Doors Designed for Doors

The Cat Doors For Doors section contains the largest selection of cat door models. Here you will find manual, electronic, insulated and utility models. Please notice that each model will fit varying door thicknesses. Some of these models can also be adapted for wall installation by simply adding tunnel extensions. To refine your search you may want to browse our other sections depending on the function or where you might install your new cat door.

Cat Doors Designed for Walls Cat Doors For Walls are models that have included or as an option; a tunnel that lines the pet opening through your wall thickness. These models are the most commonly used by customers with cats. They tend to have features that are specific for cat usage such as the common 4-Way Locking feature. This setting allows you to manually set the door so that once you cat enters the house, they cannot leave again. This feature is common on many electronic cat door models when used in the manual mode only.

Electronic Cat DoorsElectronic Cat Doors have the similar goal of regulating the access of pets in/out of the home. Some electronic doors regulate pets, as well as, keep other nuisance animals out. When shopping and comparing these doors, you will want to determine the type of access control works best for your situation. Most times the Entry Access (One way) is sufficient and works well at keeping out most all animals. If you have had a recent problem with a Raccoon entering your home, then you will definitely want a Raccoon proof cat door.

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Cat Doors for Windows
come in two styles; for sash-style windows and side-sliding windows. These pet door inserts are made with heavy duty aluminum frames and safety glass. Our various models allow you to choose the best cat door used in these units.

How Patio Pet Doors fit into Sliding Glass Doors
Patio Pet Doors are narrow inserts that are aluminum, or vinyl frames with the top having glass and the pet door at the bottom. These units sit in the main channel that your slider follows. Most customers will open their sliding door; install these inserts into either the left or right side of the opening. Their sliding door can then open and close to this unit.

Patio Inserts can have dual pane glass at the top or more commonly, single pane glass. Their are several types of pet door opening available for the bottom portion.