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Cat Tree Buyer's Guide

Example of Modern Cat Furniture In today's market there is a wide array of styles in cat furniture, from carpeted cat trees to aluminum framed cat condos. Some cat trees come with condos for bedding, viewing perches atop, hammocks for lounging, and cat nip enhanced toys creating a cat playground. With all of these choices comes the added responsibility of finding a product that best suites you, and your pets needs the best!
Cat tree with scratching post
Some important things to consider would be your cat's tendencies, age, and environment. The material and structure of the product are the main area to focus on when you are deciding on the appropriate product. Are your cats prone to scratch or would they rather use it as a viewing perch?

Scratching is instinctive allowing cats to mark their territory, so why not channel that activity into a designated area. Most cat trees come with sisal scratching posts, or is incorporated with padding into the design as a whole.

Cat Tree with Various Levels
Some cats are not as interested in sinking their claws into objects, and would enjoy just having a getaway from their daily activities. Depending on your cat's age and agility you will want to consider the number of perches and the spacing between each level.

There are endless options for the height of trees available and depending on the amount of cats using the tree you would want to provide sufficient space for all cats to enjoy it. Each cat tree product posted on our website provides in depth information on the material provided, the way it is constructed, and dimensions in detail. Given the number of cat tree options on the market you can find a tree that suites your cat perfectly!