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Ideal 900 Series Energy Saver Pet Patio Door

Dual Paned Glass / Dual Flap For Sliding Glass Doors

Ideal 900 Series Energy Saver Pet Patio Door

The Ideal 900 Series Energy Saver is a dual pane glass / dual flap pet opening patio inserts.  They are made with heavy duty aluminum construction and feature a 5" spring-loaded adjustable top.  There are 4 different pet openings to choose from and 2 height ranges to fit sliding glass doors.

The dual flap pet opening is constructed with the same flap material as the Ideal utility
Ruff Weather Pet Doors, with the exception of an additional magnet along the side of each flap.  A plastic slide in locking panel is included that is comparable to Ideal Original Pet Door.
[photo] How to Measure for a patio Pet Door
The 900 Series comes in two different height ranges and installs as a permanent unit similarly to the Ideal VIP Patio Pet Door.  Hooks are affixed to the interior sliding glass door frame and the 900 Series unit will lift onto the hooks; resulting in the hardware fixtures being completely hidden.  Hardware is also included allow you to lock your slider to the patio pet door (Compatibility not guaranteed).

The Ideal 900 Series Energy Saver is a good design that utilizes the dual pane glass and proven dual flexible flap design.  We suggest this insert as a very good alternative to other brands that boast higher quality and exorbitant pricing.  Ideal Patio Inserts carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  No other patio pet door manufacturer stands behind their products like Ideal Pet Products.


Ideral Pet Products has decided to discontinue the manufacturing of the 900 Series Patio Pet Doors. They will continue to support the units sold by continuing to offer replacement flaps. Once the models in inventory are gone, that's it...get them while you can!

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Ideal 900 Series Energy Saver Pet Patio Door

Color Options: White
Units included: Locking Cover, Weather stripping & Bolt Lock
This Patio Pet Door is a permanent install, make sure to review the instructions prior to purchase

Pet Door Used
In 900 Series
Pet Patio Door

Flap Size

Step Over Rise

Height Range

75 3/8-80 3/8"

Height Range

Pet Door used in 900 Series Pet Patio Door
5"w x 9 1/4"h



7 1/4"w x 13"h



Extra Large
9 3/4"w x 17"h



Super Large
15"w x 23 1/2"h



Take into account your dogs height - stature when selecting a pet opening size.
See the Ideal Patio Panel for great quality utility models

All returns incur a 15% re-stocking fee

View of top Section - Spec Info
View of Bottom Section - Spec Info
900 Series Patio Pet Door - Top View

The top of the 900 Series Dual Pane / Dual Flap patio Insert has a spring loaded adjustment section.  This section has a flat surface as shown in the image (left). 

The very top of your sliding door track must be at least 1 1/8" wide for an accurate fit.  These inserts are installed with hardware for  permanent fit.
Note: The main body of the patio insert is 7/8" thick.
900 Series Patio Pet Door - Bottom View

The Bottom section of the 900 Series Patio Insert has a 5/16" wide groove that allows for the unit to sit on top of the center rail that is often found in the center of the sliding door track (Bottom track). 

If you have a center rail wider than 5/16" then this unit may not fit properly.  The overall track on the floor of your sliding doors must be at least 3/4" wide for a proper fit.

Complete hardware is included for installation.  Please see the Install Instructions for complete info prior to purchase.