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Ideal DraftStopper Patio Pet Doors

Single Pane Glass Insert with an Insulated Pet Flap

[photo] Ideal DraftStopper Patio Pet Door - Exterior View [photo] Ideal DraftStopper patio Pet Door - Interior View

[photo] Pet Door Used in The Ideal DraftStopper Patio Pet Door - without locking panel

The DraftStopper Patio Doors are designed for customers who want a better sealing pet opening than what is offered by a single flexible flap. This Patio insert uses the Ideal UltraFlex pet door, which is an insulated segmented flap. This flap, made from GE Lexan, is nearly indestructible. It has a heavy duty gasket that lines all sides of the flap and seals very well. The pet door  includes an "Animal Lock-out" slide in panel. The Patio Insert itself has an aluminum frame that holds single pane safety glass. The very top of the patio insert is spring-loaded to allow easy installation and removal without the use of any tools. A pin lock mechanism is included so that you can lock your slider into place.

The UltraFlex segmented flap is made of tough GE Lexan,
they are nearly indestructible.  The DraftStopper Patio Pet Door flap may be too heavy
for cats and very small dogs.

Note: your slider will not lock into the patio insert). Many customers will use an optional Charley-bar or brace bar behind the slider.

The DraftStopper is recommended for those customers who want a better insulated patio door
without the higher cost of a dual pane glass unit.

[photo] Installation Kit for the Ideal DraftStopper Patio Pet Door    [photo] How to Measure for a patio Pet Door

The DraftStopper comes complete with a self adhesive foam bumper and a wider vinyl weather strip to cover the gap between your sliders (Gap is a result of the slider opening.  Your slider will close to the insert).

Panels available in WHITE or ALUMINUM - pet door is White

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Ideal DraftStopper Patio Insert
Single Pane Glass Insert with an Insulated Pet Door

The Frame of the DraftStopper Patio Insert is 5/8" in thick which makes it fit most every brand of sliding glass doors.
Notes: You will be able to choose your "Rise Option" and  "Frame Color" on the More-Info pages.


Pet Opening

Rise Options
Overall Panel Width

77 3/4"
80 1/4"
Regular Custom

80 1/4 "
93 3/4"
93 3/4"
96 1/8"
Tall Custom
96 1/8 "
[photo] Door used in the DraftStopper Patio Insert
Flap is made of segmented panels that are hollow for insulating value.

Locking Security Panel is included


6 5/8" x 11 1/4"
12 3/8"
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Not Available
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Not Available
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Extra Large

10 1/4" x 15 3/4"
optional- 4"
15 7/8"
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[photo] Custom extension example for intermediate heights
The custom sizes use a custom extension piece that mounts on top of the patio insert to reach the height of your patio opening allowing for approx. 2.5" adjustment range

Limited Lifetime Warranty

View of Top Section                              Spec Info
View of Bottom Section                                   Spec Info
[photo] Ideal Patio Pet Door top Section

The top spring-loaded adjusting section of the Ideal DraftStopper Patio Pet Door appears as an "H" piece when viewed from the side.  The overall width of this piece is 13/16" (Will fit into most any sliding glass door track).

The spring-loaded adjustment provides for a 2 1/2" range for proper fitting into your opening.  Most top tracks in sliding glass doors do not have any center rails, however, if you do have this feature then the Ideal DraftStopper Patio Pet Door can straddle any rail at the top 5/8" wide or narrower.

The spring-loaded top is secured with 2 thumbscrew locks, accessible from inside the house only, so that someone from the exterior of the house would not be able to compress or remove the unit.

[photo] Ideal patio pet door bottom view

The bottom section of the Ideal DraftStopper Patio Pet Door has an overall width of 5/8".  A semi-circle, "C" channel is centered and runs the length of the bottom.  This "C" channel is design to straddle the center rail in the channel on the floor that your sliding glass door follows.

By straddling this center rail, the DraftStopper Patio Insert will remain centered to the frame of your sliding door when closed to this unit.

Note:  If the center rail in the channel on the floor is wider than 5/16", then this patio Insert will not be able to straddle it and as a result may not fit properly in your opening.

What is the Rise?
This is the distance that the bottom of the pet opening is positioned off of the ground and the distance that the pet will have to step over to use the pet door.  There are several different rise options available (2.5, 4, 8, and 12 inches) to accommodate different pets.  Note: Larger rise options are not available on smaller pet openings.

Adjustable Height Range:
 The top section of the Ideal Patio Pet Door floats on two tension rods that compress or expand to obtain the best possible fit in the patio door frame.  The top is fit into the upper patio slider track and the bottom rests on the bottom slider track.  Once in place, there are two thumb bolts that lock the top section into place to prevent the Patio Pet door from being removed from the outside.

patio height adjust

How Does My Sliding Door Lock?
Each Patio Pet Door comes with a locking pin mechanism that can be attached to your sliding door.  We strongly suggest bracing the door with a stick or an adjustable brace bar; as this immobilizes your slider and is the most effective way to secure your sliding door.

Extensions for "Custom" Ranges:
 Ideal makes 3 different height ranges of patio pet doors: Regular, Shorty & Tall.  For customers who have a slider height that falls between these ranges, we have custom extensions available to accommodate any patio door height from 75" to 106" tall.  These extensions slide in at the top of the insert, and some customers use a couple of screws to stabilize the extension piece.  (See picture in chart below for custom extension piece)

Different Ways to Install the Patio Pet Door:
The Ideal Patio Pet Door can be mounted on the stationary side of the patio door.  Many patio doors have stoppers that normally prevent the stationary panel from moving, but if these stoppers can be removed, the stationary panel can be moved to accommodate the patio panel.  Note: This technique will not work on patio doors where the stationary panel is molded into the frame.

Draft Stopper / Weather Stripping:
The draftstopper is a wide vinyl weather stripping section that attaches to the backside of your sliding door.  When an insert is installed, your sliding door breaks the seal between the slider and fixed panel.  This weather stripping will seal out any drafts.  Each Patio Pet Door comes with a foam bumper so your slider will gently rest against the Patio Pet door.  This foam bumper will also help to seal out drafts and bugs.

Panels ship in 1-3 business days