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Ideal Insulator Pet Door

Door Models
1 1/4" to 1 3/4 " thick

Ideal Insulator Pet Door

The Ideal Insulator pet door, part of the "Energy Saver" series of pet products, was designed with energy efficiency in mind. The dual flap system is intended to create a pocket of dead air space in order to maximize the insulation value of this pet door. One strike plate on each side of the flaps aligns with a magnet.

Ideal Pet Products have decided to terminate production of their Insulator pet doors. They will continue to offer replacement flaps for those customers who have previously made purchases or decide to purchase a door from remaining stock.

If you feel uncomfortable making this purchase but require an insulating pet door product for your home...we recommend the MaxSeal products by Security Boss.

The frame itself is constructed with aluminum and corner plastic pieces. A plastic security panel can be dropped into place in order to block off access.

- Fits doors ranging in thickness from 1 3/8" to 2"
- Dual flap system for greater weather protection than a single flap door
- Aluminum frame
- Slide in plastic  panel for controlling access

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Insulator Pet Door

Color Choices: White Only

Ideal Insualtor with plastic locking panel
Flap Size
Pet Opening
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Exterior Frame
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5" x 9 1/4"
6 5/16" x 11 5/16"
8 7/16" x 13"

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7 1/4" x 13"
8 11/16" x 15 9/16"
10 3/4" x 17 5/16"

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Extra Large

9 3/4" x 17"
11 5/16" x 19 5/8"
13 7/16" x 21 5/16"


Super Large

15" x 23 1/2"
16 5/16" x 26 1/8"
18 7/16" x 27 3/4"


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