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How to measure for a pet door

When selecting a pet door it is crucial that you take the time to accurately measure your dog. Cats generally fit into one of two categories...average (Up to 14 lbs.) and Large (Up to approx. 20 lbs.). The exception to this simplistic rule only applies to the really big cats...Maine Coons. These prestigious animals usually suffice with a medium sized pet door and most often will not fit comfortably in conventional sized cat doors

Measuring your dog for a dog door is really not as difficult as one might think, but you want to make sure to consider some finer details that can be covered by following these simple guidelines:

1. The chosen pet door should clear the height of the tallest dog's back by 1.5 to 2"
2. The step over height (Bottom of the pet opening) should be comfortably low enough to the ground to allow for easy navigation and step over.
3. Try to envision a size that will allow for the ease of use as our pet ages. -Large to Giant breeds often have mobility issues that can hinder their use of a smaller sized pet door as they age, develop arthritis or physiological problems such as hip or joint problems.

While following the above information will help you select the correct size pet door opening, you may still need some guidance with measure for specific types of pet doors. Please see the links below for more detailed information regarding the measuring for various pet door applications.