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MaxSeal In-Glass Pet Doors

Choosing Between MaxSeal In-Glass Pet Doors
& Patio Pet Door Inserts

High performance pet doors designed for installation into glass. The doors are commonly used for sliding glass doors ( Patio doors & Arcadia doors) as well as in French doors that have a full pane of glass. Choose between single or dual flap models. Achieve ultimate weather barrier protection while allowing free access for your pet. Slide in our insulated security panel to lock off the pet opening when not in use or gone away from home.

Pet Door Options for Sliding Glass Doors

When deciding on a pet door solution for your home you might weight the options for an In-Glass Pet Door as compared to an insert made for sliding glass doors. Following: is a quick comparison:


In Glass Option
MaxSeal In-Glass Pet Doors
Patio Pet Door Insert
Inwserts for sliding glass doors / Patio Doors
1. Contact a local glass company. Measure the glass being replaced. Order new glass panel that has proper notch for the pet door.

2. Purchase In-Glass Pet door yourself or through authorized glass dealer.

3. Ordered glass takes approx. 10 business days to arrive. Glass dealer will install glass & selected pet door.

4. Total Cost varies by region, from $600.00 to $1500 or more, depending on size of pet door.

1. Measure your sliding door opening - from inside bottom channel to inside of top channel ( accurately).

2. Select pet opening while placing order.

3. Patio Inserts usually arrive in 4-6 business days from time of order.

4. Pricing can range from less than $200 for Single Pane units and can reach up to over $800 for Dual Pane models.

1. : Lock your sliding glass door as you would normally prior to the In-Glass pet door installation.

2. The specialized low-profile exterior frame of the pet door allows the sliding door full range of motion.

3. You retain full view of your sliding glass doors. The In-Glass pet door is mounted in the bottom corner and is not intrusive to your view.

All In-Glass Pet Door Options

1. Quick easy install by customer. Take out of package and set in opening.

2. Can be a low cost pet door option.

3. Can also be a temporary option for renters or pet sitters.

Pet Door Options for Sliding Glass Doors

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