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Our selection of pet feeders ranges from simple food bowls to electronic food delivery devices that help control feeding portions. We also carry a large assortment of elevated feeders that are highly recommended for taller and larger breed dogs. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive pet feeder selection of high quality items that will not only deliver on your expectations but last due to their individual quality.

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Travel Feeder Travel Feeder
Our Price: $20.00
Yummy Bowl Yummy Bowl
Our Price: $27.74
Go Bag for Dogs Go Bag for Dogs
Our Price: $50.00
Automatic Dog Feeder Automatic Dog Feeder
Our Price: $64.00
Zen Fountain Zen Fountain
Our Price: $69.99
Corner Feeder - 24 Inch Size Corner Feeder - 24"
Our Price: $90.00
Corner Feeder - 32 Inch Size Corner Feeder - 32"
Our Price: $130.00
Double Fence Feeder Double Fence Feeder
Our Price: $150.00
Single Fence Feeder Single Fence Feeder
Our Price: $155.99
Heated Dog Waterer Heated Dog Waterer
Our Price: $161.99
Plastic Ground Feeder Plastic Ground Feeder
Our Price: $187.99
Corner Feeder - 40 Inch Size Corner Feeder - 40"
Our Price: $224.00
In the News
In the News

Product Highlights & News

360 Water Dispenser

Click Here to see all of our water dispensers for cats and dogsThe 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is a modern and innovative pet water deliver system designed by the manufacturer Drinkwell. This unique water dispenser is designed with multiple pet households in mind...Click Here to see all of our water dispensing systems. 06-08-2012

Food Dispensers

Click Here to see all of our food dispensers and storage units All of our pets have a certain place they eat or a familiar dish they use. Ironically we don't think of the convenience of a dog or cat food dispenser. Pet Food storage is commonly let to an open bag in the closet or pantry. Open bags of food attract insects and rodents. A pet for dispenser can be ideal as well as handy for easily accessing and protecting the food for your pet.

The dispensing units we carry are made of tough and durable molded plastic with easy fill access. They are easily ,maintained and can be washed with little effort.

Note: Make sure the unit is completely dry before refilling with food to guard against bacteria and mold

The Sporty By Bergan

Product Review
When traveling some pet owners want something that will simply hold food and water and make it easily accessible for the pet. Not a lot of bells and whistles are required for this to happen. The Sporty by Bergan is a great simplified choice for pet owners wanting simplicity. This travel-style pet bowl features a hidden interior water reservoir.... Click here for full article 06-16-2012

Automatic Outdoor Drinking Fountain

Product Review
Having continual new water for an outdoor dog can be tricky and expensive at times. Some units have to permanently be installed; other units take up so much space. The WaterDog by Contech helps with this problem by offering a unit that easily attaches to any hose spigot.... Click here for full article 06-15-2012

Dog-to-Go Portable ChowPal Kit

Product Review
If you've ever been traveling with your pet, especially a dog, a very annoying and frustrating situation can be bringing your dog's dog food. You usually have to bring multiple containers and it's just cumbersome. The ChowPal Kit allows you to easily bring your pet's food and water while making it easy accessible for your dog and also making it an easy cleanup afterwards because it's dishwasher safe. ... Click here for full article 06-10-2012

Bergan Pet Travel Feeder

Product Review
Sometimes when traveling it ends up being difficult to bring your pet's food. You'll bring the over sized bag, or you'll have to dump that bag into a smaller bag. Then you have to bring the dish. With the Travel Feeder made by Bergan his is meant to be easier... Click here for full article 06-08-2012

Big Dog Pet Food Feeder

Product Review
If you've ever owned a large breed dog you'll notice that most feeders or bowls are designed for small to medium sized breeds. The Big Dog Feeder helps get rid of the problem that smaller feeders cause. If a large breed dog eats from a bowl that's not placed probably they'll usually do one of two things... Click here for full article 04-21-2012

Auto Pet Dish

Product Review
The Auto Pet Dish will automatically open and close in the presence of your pet to help keep food fresh and clear of pests. This is great for convenience and hygiene and also helps hold in odors which helps keep the surround area smelling fresh. The unit operates via an infra red ray induction that can sense your pet 4-12 inches away... Click here for full article 04-16-2012

Cat Mate C50 Automatic Feeder

Product Review
The Cat Mate C50 Automatic Feeder features five separate food compartments which will hold up to one pound each of food for your pet. The same company that makes this unit (Animate/Pet Mate) also designed the industry's first electronic food dispenser for pets. The unit is operated via a battery and features a timer ... Click here for full article 04-10-2012

Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Feeder

Product Review
The Cat Mate C3000 Automatic feeder is manufactured by Animate, and is one of the newest and most innovative pet feeders on the market! This sleek automatic feeder is battery operated supplying food on time and in controlled portions. ... Click here for full article 03-30-2012

Big Bin Pet Food Dispenser

Product Review
The Big Bin Pet Food dispenser is constructed with durable high density polyethylene that will look great and last for years in any environment. This high density plastic is very easy to clean with a simple rag, soap and water. This big bin pet food dispenser can generously hold up to 40 lbs of dry dog or cat food. ... Click here for full article 03-30-2012

Pet Feeder Overview & Background

As technology progresses automatic pet feeders and water dispensers are becoming more and more common. With this progression we have less and less time throughout the day to do certain tasks that are simple. In other words we have too many things are our plates and not enough time to handle them. A pet feeder helps solve this problem along with a couple of other ones in regards to this.

Pet feeders greatly promote a pets health by usually allowing you to portion control several feedings per day. This is beneficial because you don't have to constantly feed your pet manually several times or give them one big meal in the even around your dinner time. This makes the bet more comfortable and promotes properly digestion and says you time.

Some people are not able to travel or go on vacation without either having someone watch their pet or bringing their pet with them. An automatic pet feeder helps solve this by allowing you set specific times on feedings and restrict access to the rest of the food until you get home. This purchased in combination with a pet door can allow you to be gone for several days as long as you have enough food and water supplied. In turn having these things will lessen the dogs stress as well as yours and gives them something to do other than set around and chew on your belongings because they're bored.

Most automatic pet feeders are extremely easy to clean and promote good hygiene with the pet. Certain dispensers and feeders allow easier feeder for the cat or dog not making it so difficult for them. For example with bigger breed dogs, its better to have the feeder and water elevated so they can eat standing up. This helps promote better digestion versus lying on the floor and eating from the bowl or water. Most units have removable hardware that is dishwasher safe. And a lot of water dispensers will recycle and filter it promoting good hydration. IN the end there's really no reason not to get an automatic feeder. You'll promote better health for your pet and you wont have to worry about your dog or cat begging for food.

Fountain | Dog Water Dispensers

Many dog water dispensers today have a very basic design. Most of them use a gravity-based system that automatically will refill a bowl from a large reservoir on the unit. The problem with these units is most of them do not feature any filters at all and can only usually be used by one pet at a time. There is however newer designs coming to light that are simply, yet effective in what they provide.

A fountain style provides completely clean drinking water. Most have a debris filter for larger debris and also a charcoal filter to get rid of any algae or odors the water may have. Some of these dispensers have water recycling through the unit constantly providing further use of its filtering properties.

Fountain style dispensers provide a great benefit to any pet. A stream of water entices your pet to drink more and become more hydrated. During the warm seasons its very important to keep your pet hydrated as much as possible since they do not have sweat glands like their human counterparts. Many fountain designs also promote multiple pet use with a circular design. No more having the pets hiss and growling at each other just to get to water.

Filters have to be periodically replaced to keep the unit working like new. Also a power source is usually required which can be a disadvantage when trying to decide where to place the unit without making it a huge hassle. Its best to know where you plan on putting your fountain before you make a purchase.