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Rotary 4-Way Locking Sash Window Cat Door | Single Pane
Rotary 4-Way Locking Sash Window Cat Door | Single Pane

Rotary 4-Way Locking Sash Window Cat Door
Single Pane | Manual Selector Control

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Pricing starts at: $269.99

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Rotary 4-Way Locking
Sash Window Pet Door

Designed for Cats | Single Pane Glass | Animate

4-Way Locking Cat Door

[photo] Animate Rotary 4-Way Locking Door used in Sash Unit
The Rotary 4-Way Locking cat door with single pane window sash by Security Boss Manufacturing features a 4-Way Locking manually controlled cat door. This locking feature is a common favorite with cat owners as they can set the door to allow the cat inside and keep them in

The 4 manually controlled settings are:
1. Open in both directions
2. Locked Exit - Allows cat inside
3. Locked Entry - Allows cat outside
4. Locked in Both directions

Easy-To-Use 4-Way Locking Feature
No Collar Tags or Microchip Required
Designed to Control Access by Manual Control

The flap on this cat door is constructed with a hard, clear tinted plastic, and features pile brush along the edges for creating a better seal. The sash window inserts are constructed of heavy duty aluminum framing so the window insert will look great and last for many years. Every component of this sash pet door is completely replaceable and maintainable for life. This will be the last window sash pet door you will have to purchase.

Inserts are available in WHITE only

Rotary 4-Way Locking Cat
Single Pane Glass Sash Window Pet Door

Pet opening

5 3/4"w x 6"h

All Security Boss Window Insert will fit channels that are at least 1" wide.
The adjustment ranges are the minimum & maximum that a unit will contract. Make sure you allow for the depth of your window channel when selecting a range. Call us for assistance: 608-781-7385
Overall Unit Height
(in inches)

(in inches)
Pricing Starts at
Animate Rotary 4-Way Locking Window
Pet Door Features
Security Boss Manufacturing LLC Sash Window Pet Door Features

Measuring for your window insert:

To determine the correct range of window insert you need, open your sash window and measure from left to right inside the channel that the sash window travels up and down in. You want to measure into the deepest part of the channel since the window insert will expand due to the spring loaded end. Your measurement should be with the adjustment range chosen. You might notice that your measurement falls into two ranges, select the once that will allow some room below and above your window width. This will allow the unit to compress enough to insert into your channel and still expand enough for a tight fit. You can always call us for personalized guidance to ensure your choice is correct.

Will These Insert fit all Sash Windows?

All Security Boss Window Insert will fit channels that are at least 1" wide.

Included Weather Stripping:

[photo] Security Boss Window Pet Door top Section

Every Security Boss Window Insert features a replaceable bulb seal that lines both the top and bottom of the insert. This bulb seal provides a superior weather seal between the insert and the wall and sliding door. This weather seal can also be replaced if needed very easily by sliding the weatherstripping into the t-slot groove on your window pet door.

The Weather Seal is a 3" wide vinyl weather stripping section that attaches to the top of your sash window. When an insert is installed, your window breaks the seal between the sliding pane and fixed pane. This weather stripping will seal out any drafts.

Adjustable Width Range:

You will notice that your Security Boss Window insert has a spring-loaded end that compresses and extends within a range of 3.25" This allows you to compress your unit to fit into the channel that you sash window travels and then extend so that the unit will fit tightly. The two easy turn locking knobs secure this end so that someone from the outside would not be able to gain entry.

[photo] Easy Adjusting Height | Window Pet Doors

How does my Sash Window Lock?

We strongly suggest bracing the open sash window with a stick or an adjustable brace bar; as this immobilizes your slider and is the most effective way to secure your window. We also offer several locking devices that can lock the open window to your frame via various bolt type locks.

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