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Natural Cat Trees

Natural Wood Cat Trees | Basic Cat Tree Designs | Indoor - Outdoor Cat Trees

Natural Cat Trees

Natural Cat Tree Basic Information

The natural line of cat tree incorporates the very basic elements into the design of each product. From real trees and all natural woods, these cat trees will add a touch of Mother Nature to your home. Each cat tree is meticulously crafted to mimic a real tree natural environment. The design of these
cat trees allows for their use either indoors or outdoors.  When situated outside, they will age theough time taking on even more character.

Naturally Friendly:

The materials in natural cat trees are simplistic yet effect in design. The two major materials used are sisal rope for scratch posts and wood (usually consisting of pine). The woods are left untreated and the whole unit is eco-friendly to the environment. These trees are great for cats that might have possibly allergies.


Natural cat trees are as basic in design as possible. There is no carpeting featured on these units. Each platform has sisal rope surround the edges for better traction for the cat and also this keeps with the uniform design.


All of these trees are handcrafted. The attention to detail in this simplified design is very important because if the cat tree doesn't last and isn't appealing to the customer and cat then it's not a good cat tree. There is no automated process to these trees  which means each cat tree is technically unique to itself giving you that custom feeling.

Base of Unit:

The bases of the natural cat trees are pretty hefty. It usually consists of a 4" thick piece of pine. This gives the unit great stability. Also on the bottom of these bases are rubber feet which keep the unit from moving or scratching up hard flooring.