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Kennel Clad
Insulated Guillotine Kennel Doors

Introducing the Best Insulated Guillotine Dog Door
Security Boss Doors ...'Best by Design'

Security Boss Standard Guillotine Dog Kennel DoorSecurity Boss introduces the toughest insulated guillotine kennel dog door on the market. Built to withstand abuse while providing the best seal and insulation possible. This superior design is achieved through several unique features on the Kennel Clad door. The panel itself is a composite using a polypropylene air-cell center; clad on both sides with 18 gauge aluminum sheets. The perimeter of the door is framed with a reinforcing C-Channel that allows for our hidden wall and floor seals. Stainless panel fasteners are screwed together to secure the entire door.

The offset fin/brush weather seal at the top of the Kennel Clad door seals the gap between the closed guillotine door and the wall, saving you on passive energy loss as experienced with other kennel guillotine doors. The hidden floor seal is designed to make positive floor contact to eliminate gaps when the door is closed. The placement of this floor seal discourages damage. The Kennel Clad Insulated also uses the strongest side rails in the industry. This means no worries about warping or problems with your door gliding reliably when opening and closing. Not only will the insulating qualities of the Kennel Clad door provide for dramatic overall kennel energy savings, the rugged design will last for years. These doors will quite possibly be the last doors you will need to purchase.

The Kennel Clad Insulated Doors are designed for customers looking
for durable, long lasting, insulated kennel doors in extreme environments

Kennel Clad Insulated

Kennel Clad Insulated Panel Close Up
Kennel Clad Insulated Floor Seal Close Up
Kennel Clad Insulated Hidden Top Wall Seal Close Up
5/16" thick, Insulated | Rugged Panel
Hidden Top Seal | View
Hidden Top Seal | Between Wall & Door
Kennel Clad Hidden Floor Seal Close Up
Kenmnel Clad Hidden Floor Seal
Kennel Clad Insulated Stainless Fasteners Close Up
Hidden Floor Seal | View
Hidden Floor Seal | Positive Contact
Stainless Fabrication Fasteners

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Security Boss Kennel Clad
Insulated Guillotine Kennel Dog Doors

Made in USA

Maximum Opening In Wall
This is the maximum size that each model will adequately cover & still allow for the mounting side rails.
12" wide x 29" height

  / per door

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17" wide x 29" height

  / per door

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Ex- Large
17" wide x 34" height

  / per door

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