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Security Boss
Guillotine Standard Dog Kennel Doors

[photo] Security Boss Premium Guillotine Dog Kennel Doors

Security Boss Standard Guillotine Dog Kennel Door

Standard Guillotine Kennel Dog Doors

The Security Boss Standard Kennel Doors Provide you with much more than conventional dog kennel doors.  Our door is made of 1/4" HDPE which is resistant to mildew and bacterial growth, and yet will wear the constant use found in commercial kennels. Each door is machined on the sides to maximize a secure fit in the side rails while still allowing for a smooth easy glide closing and opening of the door panel. The Rails used in the Security Boss Standard Guillotine door are the same as found in our Premium Insulated model, giving you the option to upgrade at a later date; without replacing the rails in your facility.

Security Boss Standard Kennel Door Insertion Detail

Improved Strength and Operation.
The Standard Panel Kennel Door features a uniquely machined edge to each door panel that results in a more secure fitting door panel that cannot be "popped-out" like cheaper models. This design also allows for an easy sliding motion when opening and closing the kennel door.

Floor Weather Seal for Kennel Doors

Bottom Weather Seals
  Standard doors come with a bottom floor seal that ensures a snug fit when the doors are closed.  Often the flooring of a kennel may be uneven, our replaceable weather stripping gives you a better fitting kennel door that helps save on energy costs when you have your doors closed.

Security Boss Guillotine Kennel Door Side Rails
Side Rails - Most durable and thickest extrusion compared to any other kennel door.
The unique design of the side channels means that our rails will not bend, warp or disfigure as found with other brands using cheaper and thinner rail extrusions. Our Rails are indestructible.  They can be used for the Premium Insulated doors or standard models that use a 1/4' thick door panel.

Close up of adjustment slots on Kennel Door Rails

The adjusting slots are wider than other brands
: this means Security Boss Kennel Doors are easier to install and allow more forgiveness in positioning the side rails to acquire the proper glide for the panel.

Guillotine Kennel Door Hardware Kit
Each Kennel Door comes with complete mounting hardware:
2- Screw in hook-pulley assemblies
6- All purpose side rail screws and mollies (for wood, block or concrete walls)
2- Cable clamps
15 Ft. high strength, 7x7 stainless steel aircraft cable coated in durable black PVC (480lb. test)
1- "S" hook 

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Included hardware
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Security Boss
Guillotine Standard Kennel Dog Doors
1/4" thick HDPE Doors
Made in USA

Maximum Opening in wall
(This is the maximum size that each model will adequately cover and still allow for the mounting side rails)

Standard  Panel Doors
(1/4" HDPE)
12" wide x 29" height

  / per door

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17" wide x 29" height

  / per door

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Ex- Large
17" wide x 34" height

  / per door

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Discounts Available for large Orders
Call and ask to speak with our Commercial Sales Consultant at 1-800-829-7876